Where Am I, Exactly?

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Thanks to my friend Bill Burnette for providing me with a Google Earth satellite image of my school. I have added a few labels for the various buildings in the image below.

Watputthisan School, Sakeao Province, Thailand

Watputthisan School, Sakeao Province, Thailand

You can view this location on Google Maps by clicking here or you can access the kml file for viewing on Google Earth by clicking here.

This is a very rural area, not far from the Cambodian border – I think Jason told me the closest movie theater is in Bangkok, 4 hours west of here! They grow rice, sugar cane, cassava (root is used to make tapioca flour), palm oil trees, and eucalyptus trees here and the roads are busy with all kinds of interesting agricultural vehicles. Here’s one of the most interesting I’ve seen so far…

Retired software engineer from New Jersey, USA, happily married to Grace for 30 years, proud father of Michael for 29 years, I am enjoying traveling and teaching English as a second language in my retirement.

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3 comments on “Where Am I, Exactly?
  1. Cathy says:

    Imagine how popular you’d be in Summit if you drove one of those agricultural vehicles down Division Ave.! The horn is to die for!!

  2. Jean Crichton says:

    HI, John–So glad Grace included me in your blog.
    I love all you’re doing. The kids in class are so cute and so attentive, and I love how fearless they are when hopping on the motorbikes for the ride home from school. And the elephant farm is amazing–and YOU are amazingly brave in climbing up on your elephant-gal’s back for a ride.
    Can’t wait to see and hear! The blog is great with the videos and photos!
    Enjoy, Jean

    • Thanks, Jean, it’s great to have you along for the ride. Couple of my classes today were kind of a disaster and when that happens I start wondering if I’m getting too old for this :). I love being immersed in a new culture and helping people but the demands of creating and delivering lessons every day is a bit much. I’m thinking I might want to look for “easier” volunteer opportunities in the future. For now, I’m just working one day at a time, only have about 3 more weeks and then I can be a lazy retired guy again :-). I do love the kids: sometimes they drive me crazy but, then, some of the very same kids will look at you in a way that makes it obvious they really want to learn English and they are counting on your help… at those times I just want to reach out and hug them!