Time to Stop

Time for me to stop. My 82-day journey through 6 countries is at its end. I’ve had a wonderful time and I thank you loyal blog readers for making me feel I was never alone.

Stopping in different countries….





Hong Kong (closest I could find)
Hong Kong


Vietnam (Stop? Why?)
Vietnam (not need to stop)

Retired software engineer from New Jersey, USA, happily married to Grace for 30 years, proud father of Michael for 29 years, I am enjoying traveling and teaching English as a second language in my retirement.

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5 comments on “Time to Stop
  1. Janet says:

    so they don’t stop in Hong Kong? Love this. What a way to end it. I am just so happy for you to have enjoyed this journey. And also happy for you to go home again. Have a wonderful trip home. Love you.

    • John says:

      I think Hong Kong has stop signs but I didn’t see any. Mostly they have traffic lights. Vietnam, on the other hand, has many intersections without traffic lights – I never saw a stop sign (or even a yield sign) at any of these, and I looked for 10 days in 4 cities!

  2. Grace says:

    So glad you’re going to “stop” in NJ, USA – at least for a little while :-)!

  3. Jean Crichton says:

    A wonderful blog. I enjoyed it so much, sometimes not right when you posted. Just today, as you get home, I’ve been traveling with you to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore!

  4. Leo says:

    Welcome back! See you soon!