Singapore Chinatown

Yesterday, I got an overview of Singapore’s city area by riding on a double-decker tourist bus around town. It was a rainy day making it unpleasant to sit on the open upper deck but I can say without a doubt that Singapore is a beautiful city with much to offer. It seems to be a shopper’s paradise judging from all the massive, modern shopping malls with high-end names like Prada and Gucci – not my cup of tea, of course.

Yesterday, I walked around Little India for a while and had lunch at a little food court – I had a dish with some kind of “wet pancakes”, a potato in spicy sauce and very delicious beef – it was excellent and only about $3 (US). I asked for its name several times but never did understand what she said – she did say it’s a Singaporean dish, not Malaysian.

The quiet street I found when I arrived at the hostel is transformed at night into a “night market” where all kind of Chinese goods are hawked by vendors. The main street of this area hosts some large “fabric statue” horses as shown below.

Bridge Street, Chinatown

South Bridge Rd, Chinatown (near my hostel)

Most of the night market stalls are not that interesting to me but they would be to someone who hadn’t been to China. I had “dinner” at a stall near the hostel: an “egg-leeks pancake” which consisted of scrambled eggs and leeks fried inside some kind of pocket bread – very filling and delicious. I enjoy trying street foods but try to remain a bit cautious about choosing things that look like they will not threaten my digestive health.

Singapore attracts a very diverse international tourist set – I met some Americans from Colorado who were stopping in Singapore on their cruise ship. Many of the people staying in my 10-bed dorm room are from Indonesia and one from Vietnam. Others staying in this hostel are Chinese, Canadian and Austrian.

Tonight, Jessie and Frank have kindly invited me to come and stay in their apartment since my train to Kuala Lumpur is near them and it departs about 8:30 Wed morning. It will make it much easier to get to the train as it’s probably an hour from here.

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