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Donning Tibetan Attire at JiuZhaiGou National Park, Sichuan China

John Millspaugh is a retired American software engineer who lives in New Jersey with his wife Grace and their 4 cats.  They have one son, Michael, who is a freelance motion graphics designer .  John has been enjoying volunteering as an English teacher since retiring in 2008.  He currently teaches English as a Second Language to adults at the local community center known as The Connection in Summit.  He has volunteered twice in China and he continues to serve as volunteer webmaster for Xu Bo Art & Culture Exchange, the small Shanghai company that places foreign teachers in Chinese schools.  He looks forward to his volunteer experience in Peru starting in February of 2012.

John enjoys spending time with his family, teaching English, learning new languages, home projects, watching movies, listening to music, playing with his cats, playing Blackjack in Atlantic City, traveling, and learning about other cultures.

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  1. Valkiria Bezerra says:

    Hi John, it is amazing to see how much you have done after the Oxford class we took together. I wish I had done half of what you have accomplished. It is probably very interesting to travel around and learn about new cultures. I had this oportunity when I lived in the US. Now I’m back in Brazil, and miss the US every day. If you have the time and if you want, you could come to Brazil and spend some time with us. My husband, I and my son William run a private English school, as I told you before. It would be more than a pleasure to have you here. Your visit would enrich our school. I don’t know how long you are staying in Peru, but let me know if you are interest, so we can make arrangements.

    Best wishes to you in your jouney,


  2. John says:

    Thanks, Val. It is a very generous offer to come and help you with your school. Perhaps one day I will have the chance but not during this trip – my wife and son will come to Peru when I finish teaching here and then we will return home. There are still entire continents I haven’t visited (e.g. Africa) so I will have to decide where my next adventure is. I hope we can stay in touch so that, maybe, I can come to Brazil one day. And, it sounds like you have accomplished a lot since ESL class – opening your own school is a big deal! Best of luck to you.

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