A New Adventure!

Hello, everyone.  On February 23rd, 2012, I will travel to Peru, where I will volunteer for two months as an English teacher in a organization called Otra Cosa.  This non-profit organization is located near Trujillo, one of the largest cities in Peru and my volunteer assignment will be there.

Trujillo's location in Peru

The specific local organization I will be assigned to is a small non-profit called Espaanglisch.  Although I’m not certain of my exact assignment, I believe it will be helping at one or two primary schools in the poorer areas of town.  I may also help with adult conversation classes in the evening.  I will live in a room at the Espaanglisch house/apartment.  I will have internet access and plan to post here frequently.  As always, I’d love to receive your comments here or, if you prefer a little more privacy, send me an email at johnmillspa@gmail.com.

When my volunteer assignment ends, I’ll be spending about 3 more weeks in Peru just traveling.  I’m happy to report that Grace and Michael will join me for 8 days and we will travel together to Cuzco and Macchu Picchu.  When they return home I will stay about 10 more days during which I’ll take a 7-day tour of the Amazon basin portion of Peru.  I’m really excited about this new adventure!

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