“You’ve Got to Be Taught!”

I’ve been in Huaraz for 4 or 5 days now, mostly resting but taking in some sights too. Before I start posting about Huaraz, there is one more Trujillo item I’d like to cover. On my very last day teaching, I noticed the fifth graders were having dance class outside under the awning. Tolu and Vinny graciously offered to handle our assigned class without me for a while so I could get the video below.

I think a common stereotype at home is that “Latin people are great dancers.” The video may provide some insight into why there may be some truth to the stereotype. It’s also interesting to note that the boys seem to enjoy dancing at least as much as the girls… if not more. Watch the teacher spend some time helping one girl: in a very short time, she was keeping up with him.

Video: Fifth-Grade Dance Class (click on photo)

Fifth Grade Dance Class

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