I just finished my first month teaching here in Trujillo and it feels like quite an accomplishment. While I definitely feel more confident about it, finding time and energy to develop lessons for very different age levels that hold the kids’ attention for 90 minutes is still a challenge. I love being with the kids but I must admit, I’m starting to count down the weeks to when I can leave the teaching behind and truly relax :-).

In this post, I’ll cover three different events that have occurred over the past couple of weeks. Two of them happened on the same day: March 17th. On that Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth organized a very special goodbye party for Holly and Alix who left the following day. Both Holly and Alix had hinted they wanted a “surprise party” and we all played along with the notion that they didn’t know about it. So, although the event itself was not a surprise to anyone, we all were delighted with what a special party it turned out to be, thanks largely to Elizabeth who organized small tasks for all of us but did the bulk of the work herself. The party was held in a really nice little Botanical Park not far from here. We enjoyed the shade of nice trees and the comfort of a table and benches. Elizabeth brought all the food in a taxi (enough for about 35 people, I’d say) and planned several fun activities which you’ll see in the video below. It really was a special time.

Video: Goodbye Party for Holly and Alix

Goodbye Party for Alix and Holly

The second event happened that evening: when we all (about 10 of us) went to a professional soccer game at the Trujillo stadium. Soccer is definitely the number one sport here: walking around town you’ll see many what appear to be a basketball courts with a game in progress. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the basketball goals are woefully neglected and the players are playing soccer instead. So, although I’m not a fan of soccer, I anticipated that witnessing the local passion for the game would be interesting.

Video: Attending a Professional Soccer Game

Trujillo Stadium: Game Night

The final event happened this past week when a group of high school boys knocked on the door of our hostel. They were English students who had been given the assignment to find and interview foreigners, using English, of course. I was busy teaching my adult class at the time so I missed most of the interviews but I excused myself from class long enough to capture a bit of the interview with Tommie. The rest is self-explanatory.

Video: High School Students Interview Tommie

High School English Students Interview Tommie

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6 Responses to Happenings

  1. Grace says:

    Looks like a great party! But where is the video of Juan jumping rope ;)?
    And you forgot the English subtitles for the Spanish dialogue in the soccer game video….

  2. John says:

    Hee hee – Tolu invited me to try but I thought being careful might be more important than demonstrating that I’m not quite over the hill yet 🙂 As for what they’re saying in Spanish, we’ll have to ask some of our Spanish speaking friends – yo no comprendo!

  3. Dennis Lynch says:

    Looks like quite a spread at the picnic. However, I think I did notice that one turtle was missing. I need say no more.

    It looked like everyone was having fun jumping rope. ¿Cómo es que el viejo no saltar a la comba?

  4. John says:

    The old guy didn’t jump rope because the possible upside of impressing 10 young people was greatly outweighed by the possible downside of months of recuperation and years of embarrassment 🙂

  5. Theresa Pellletier says:

    Thank-you, John for giving a northern Maine Mom and Dad a chance to watch their little Holly and her wonderful friends, students and co-workers. We miss her terribly, she’s a first class “Dora the Explorer” who is right where she is happiest. Her love of children, fellow volunteers, different cultures, foods and environments have always motivated her to move forward. Her life has been enriched by her experiences and you’ve helped us travel along with her during important parts of her journey. For that, John, we thank you and wish you well…I bet you’re a fine rope jumper:)
    The food at the party looked amazingly great and (as Holly use to say when she was 3 years old) “All-buddies” were having so much fun. The smiles and laughter made anyone listening laugh out loud! It was grand to hear. Thanks so much. I’ve read your blogs and watched your videos many, many times and on those real lonely days, they helped me regain my senses. Enjoy the rest of your journey safely and comfortably. Holly talks incessantly about how lucky they were to have you along with your warm, friendly personality and wonderful talent.
    Stay well,
    Tee and Barney Pelletier

  6. John says:

    Tee and Barney, thank you for your very kind words. Meeting special people like Holly is one of the fringe benefits of doing this kind of thing. You have both done the world a favor by raising such a warm, thoughtful, understanding young lady. I was lucky to be “all buddies” with her and Alix and the others here and I appreciated that they welcomed me despite the “generation challenge.”