Certified Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

In July of 2008, I attended “Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL)” class offered by Oxford Seminars. Under the inspiring and capable tutelage of our instructor, Mary Margaret Blicharz, fifteen aspiring English teachers spent three long weekends together in a small hotel conference room in East Brunswick, New Jersey, learning the ins and outs of TEFL teaching. An invaluable part of the curriculum was the practicum, which gave each of us a chance to prepare and teach a lesson. Most of us felt a bit nervous about it but came out of the experience feeling more confident and prepared for our first teaching assignment. I really enjoyed getting to know these interesting, nice people. Their diverse backgrounds enriched the class and we developed a wonderful camaraderie in a very short time together. I wish them all well and hope we stay in touch as we fan out over the globe teaching English.

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