More about my hotel and school

This morning I got up early after a good night’s sleep (hooray!) and went to the school for breakfast – breakfast there is surprisingly bland (a hard-boiled egg, some vegetables, milk, and porridge), but it’s free and I get to fraternize with the other teachers. After breakfast I walked around the school taking photos and videos, trying not to annoy the PE teachers whose students all stopped paying attention in order to yell “Hi John!” (it sometimes sounds like “ Hi Jo-anne!” but that’s close enough.) After that I came back to the room and rested for a while, then headed back to school for lunch. Before lunch, I was surrounded by kids wanting to talk. The conversation seems to often turn to the NBA and “who is your favorite player?” – they all love Kobe Bryant and also Yao Ming and LeBron James. They talked me into coming onto the basketball court with them where I proceeded to embarrass myself with 4 or 5 consecutive air balls. Now, I’m determined to go back and practice a little – I may be 60 but I should still be able to “shoot” the darn ball!
After lunch, I had about 2 hours before my 4 afternoon lessons so I walked toward the center of town, with the intent of learning my way around and buying a couple of necessities. I was happy when I was able to ask a vendor, in what I think was correct Mandarin, if she had a map of Mianyang – she did so I bought it – now I just have to read all the Chinese signs on the map. The afternoon was four more grade 7 introduction lessons and they were tiring but still wonderful – I have done the same jokes about 10 times now, and I always worry that I may try the same joke twice in the same class because I can’t remember which class I’m in. Between lessons, I am swarmed with autograph and photo seekers so it can be a bit much.

Video: Seventh Graders on the Playground

Video: Seventh Graders Photo Session

Video: Common Sichuan Pastime: Chinese Chess

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