Around ChangXing Island

In the 12 weeks I’ve spent on ChangXing Island, I really haven’t seen a lot of it. Usually, I’m too tired after school to go very far. I did spend one weekend on the island and I took a bicycle and headed toward the northern shore. I didn’t make it all the way but I did see a lot of nice orange groves. This island produces a lot of oranges and they are for sale everywhere. They peel easily, like tangerines, and they have no seeds so they are very nice to eat. They may be what we call “Mandarin oranges” but that name doesn’t mean anything to my English-speaking Chinese friends.

Shortly after getting here, I started a video to document the island beyond the school gates. I never got around to completing it because I was waiting until I had the chance to really see the island. Well, since I have only 3 days left here, it’s a safe bet that I won’t see any more than I already have, hence I offer the video below. This video is really a hodge-podge of topics: the only common thread is that they are areas outside the school gate. To me, the most interesting part is the segment on the people who live on boats in the island’s canals. Hopefully, you’ll find something of interest and get a little better flavor of the area where I’ve been living.

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