Beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou

Last weekend, the school gave me Friday off so I could spend a three-day weekend in Hangzhou. Famous for its scenery, most notably that in the vicinity of West Lake, Hangzhou is the destination for millions of domestic and international tourists. I enjoyed the weekend, primarily for the scenery I encountered on the walkways surrounding the lake and while visiting some of its small man-made islands. But I must admit that staying in a very nice hotel was a big part of the fun. I enjoyed a large and luxurious room, my first western-style breakfasts in two months, and a shower with water pressure to spare. Getting to Hangzhou from ChangXing island is a bit tiresome (about 6 hours each way, much of it standing on the subway,) but I’m glad I took the opportunity to see it. The lake is quite beautiful and the grounds around the lake are very well-kept, making it a delightful place to spend some time. The highlights of my trip are shown in the video below.

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