Visit to "Water Town" – Tongli

About two weeks ago, on the first of my 7 days off from school (yes, I know I’m getting behind in my blog posting :-), MaryAnn Lee and her son Jonathan took me to Tongli, a small town about an hour west of Shanghai known for its ancient buildings lining small waterways. This region has many such “water towns” and I have since visited another one called Xitang (I will document that in a separate post later.) It was a very nice day and, surprisingly, it was not terribly crowded, even though we were there on the first day of the national holiday week. The day was further enhanced by MaryAnn’s offering use of their driver and van to make the trip, a much-easier mode of transportation than the train/bus. The following slide show gives you an idea of the sights of Tongli – my favorite part was “Suisha Garden” – a beautiful area with pagodas, koi-filled ponds and beautiful covered walkways.

Tong Li Water Town Entrance
Water Town Entrance
Mary Ann and Jonathan

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