Commuting from Shanghai to ChangXing Island

This post will try to give you a feel for the bi-weekly commute I make between the flat in Shanghai, where I spend weekends (and this long holiday week) and ChangXing Island, where I live and teach during the week. The video below is actually a composite of videos/pictures taken on several different trips (at slightly different times of day) so you may notice unusual changes in the amount of daylight between frames.

As the video shows, we have mainly been taking a taxi from the flat to Wusong terminal. This isn’t too terribly expensive ($20) given there are (were) two of us to split the cost. But now that Monica has departed, I may go back to the slower, but cheaper, method of using the Metro (subway). I’ve been able to minimize what I need to carry between the two locations into what fits in a backpack so it’s not nearly as bad as our first trip where we were lugging large suitcases around.

As you’ll see, the sections of the Huangpu and Yangtze rivers we traverse are not what I would call scenic, the water is always brown and turbulent and the surrounding area has no hills to enhance the horizon. These are definitely “working rivers” and the sheer volume of traffic on them is quite impressive.

Near the end of the video, you’ll see the massive ship-loading equipment along the shores as we approach the ChangXing Island dock. These cranes/booms are built on the island by a company called ZPMC (see more at this link.) At the eastern end of the island, there is a new ship-building factory. These two companies account for a large percentage of the island’s population, which is now more than 120,00 – not many years ago it was only 20,000.

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