Teaching the Wheels on the Bus Lesson

As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s been gratifying to see the
enthusiastic response to the music video I put together before leaving
home – The Wheels on the Bus video. It seems that all 4 classes of second
graders have really enjoyed it. Thanks to Monica, my co-volunteer teacher
from Holland, I have a video of the final class this morning. Despite having a
cold and working in miserably hot/humid weather today, I feel very good
about how the lesson went, especially compared to my first lesson for
this age group which was kind of a disaster. Teaching the second graders
is definitely more challenging than the fourth graders, given their limited English, but I’m learning! And my desire to get the kids interested has helped me overcome a lifelong fear of public singing 🙂 The Chinese people love to sing and are much less inhibited about doing it than most Westerners. We went to an Oktoberfest celebration in Shanghai Saturday night and it was the Chinese participants that were the first to climb up on the tables and raise their beer mugs in time with the music of the ooompah band 🙂

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